Reinventing Reconditioning

Real people. Real data. Real results.


Origin Story

Ready. Steady. Flow.
Seize control of your entire reconditioning process, costs, and quality.
Founder & CEO, Braxton Bell, has worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years. His eagerness to solve complex problems and make things better and more efficient for his team, and the dealerships they serve, led him to identify a huge gap in the reconditioning process.

A trusted auto group in the Raleigh NC market, Leith Inc., asked Braxton if his detail company could manage the entire cosmetic reconditioning process because it was costing them so much time and money! This simple request prompted Braxton to hit the pavement to find a partner that could help make this process fully optimized for everyone involved.

VisFlow’s platform combines an on-site certified reconditioning expert with our proprietary software solution to optimize every step in your vehicles’ lifecycle from acquisition to sale.

Data Driven Decisions

Every other aspect of the dealership is data driven, audited, and regulated, and expenses are tracked on a micro level. However, most dealerships’ reconditioning processes are organized chaos behind the curtain. Take a closer look and you’ll find vendors walking lots, assessing and charging for repairs that may or may not have happened, missing keys, infrequency of services, no real data to track expenses or optimize the flow of vehicles, and the added pressure of online reputation management. It all adds up to a challenge that’s made even more difficult by “we owes” and a lower quality turn, due to time and resource restraints.

You deserve better.

VisFlow isn’t just recon software, we are Reconditioning Reinvented.

Our team is built of industry experts helping you bring value to this part of your business in a meaningful way. A great workflow, happy lot service providers, and a high-quality turn with no “we owes” will improve the way people feel about your business and support the hard work and efforts of your teams. Your front line is a reflection of your dealership, and it shouldn’t be a part-time focus, so let us do what we do best, and you can get back to doing what you love.

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