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Providing Custom Workflow Solutions to Automotive Dealerships

Visibility Workflow is a collaboration of two teams of Vehicle Industry Specialists into a single unique solution. Since 2002, one of our teams had focused strictly on software development, providing custom workflow solutions to the Automotive industry. Our second team had focused solely on developing targeted workforce solutions since 1998. It eventually became clear that providing automotive dealerships with a single solution that combines the best of both services was needed.

To that end, Visibility Workflow was conceived. Visibility is able to focus not on two separate disciplines, but on both providing the most customizable workflow software available on the market today, along with creating a workforce tuned to integrate with the software, creating a single market solution. A great race car without a great driver doesn’t win races. It is only by combining the two into a single force that championships are won. Visibility is that single force.

Why Did We Create Visibility Workflow?

After more than 15 years and of designing custom dealership workflow software, and millions of measured and managed transactions, we have learned a few things:

  • Dealership management and support staff spend a significant amount of time searching for answers that are never in one place.
  • Dealership personnel is best suited to focusing on sales.
  • Because inventory must be delivered for sale at such a high rate, and because there are different needs for each vehicle, it is impossible without good systems, for any person to adequately track and manage the operations necessary to get a high volume of inventory delivered to the front line at a dependable cost and speed.
  • It takes time and experience to learn what systems and services work best in each sales environment. However, because dealer management teams are dynamic, when one management team moves on, if there are not tools and systems to promote the learned best practices, the next team may start over, learning the same lessons over again, and best practices are lost to legacy.
  • We live in a world where everyone wants to see in real time what is happening. Our packages, fast food, airplanes, all need to tell us where they are and when we will get what we want. Today, it is necessary to make every step in every process as visible as possible and as accessible to re-direction when needed, as possible.
  • Costs, speed, and quality of services are extremely variable from one client to the next, even on the same types of inventory in the same market. This is mostly because there is no standardized method for acquiring, managing and measuring workforce performance, whether employee-performed or subcontracted. Without consistent controls, cost and speed of delivery are variable as well. It is as likely to repeat the same mistakes as it is to repeat the successes, without systems and management focus.
  • Large organizations do not share best practices very well, for many reasons, but good systems do.
  • Customized car dealership software systems managed by a single-minded, unchanging, highly-trained team of inventory and workforce workflow specialists will deliver inventory more quickly, at the lowest possible cost and with the most dependable end results.
  • In a time where margins are thinner than ever, what matters most is throughput. The time it takes to sell a vehicle is almost completely dependent on the dealer inventory selection as well as marketing approach. It is best that the sales focus on sales and we focus on throughput.

How Does it Work?


“Autopark Honda began working with Visibility Workflow in summer of 2018. Within a couple months we significantly increased our throughput of inventory vehicles. Several months in, pre owned volume has increased significantly year over year. Front end gross profit and certified pre owned sales increased to all time highs. Our preowned time to frontline was cut by half. We are continuing to experience improvements with our workflow management by working with Visibility Workflow. I would highly recommend Visibility Workflow services to any dealer interested in increasing volume and profits.”

Mike Icenhour - General Manager, Autopark Honda
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