Breaking the Cycle: How Vis-Flow is Revolutionizing Reconditioning in the Modern Car Dealership

The all to common experience for a car dealer:

  • 40 day old car is in your inventory. Low miles and low market supply.
  • Customer comes in and is ready to buy for a decent $2k front end gross. Gotta make this deal happen before the next price adjustment and hard turn.
  • But wait, the car has wheel damage and a bumper that is scraped up. So they want a discount, plus they want the damage fixed. Now the $2k shrinks to $1k and you write up the we-owe and make the deal.

You ask yourself: Why wasn’t this damage already repaired in 5 weeks of being on the lot?

Could have sold it a month ago for $3500 gross if it was reconditioned quickly!

Customer takes delivery and on the way home notices a moldy smell and some dents. You somehow agree to “help out” the nice customer and it’s added to the we owe. Now it’s $750 gross.

Next month, you notice that the vendor repair invoices didn’t hit the deal and you paid the salesperson on $1500 gross and now there’s an accounting headache to square up everyone’s compensation from the adjustments – wasted time on a deal from weeks ago.

Plus, when the customer returned for repairs, the vendors didn’t show up because it was raining and the salesperson forgot to reschedule. So now you have to give the customer a loaner (no bad reviews, right?). Finally get the repairs completed. Then, the customer wasn’t satisfied with the repairs, sooo…… more headaches, time wasted and money spent. 🤯

It’s 2024. Reconditioning speed, quality and communication are too important to keep doing business the same way that we did in 1993 –

Vis-Flow is Reinventing Reconditioning