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Workflow Solutions

for the Modern Dealership

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Dramatically increase throughput. Simplify your process. Reduce cost.

Introducing Visibility Workflow

Does your sales environment suffer through slow vehicle turn time and the never ending battle to figure out “whats” happening? Is it time consuming and painful every time you need to find the status of a vehicle you want to sell? Is it almost impossible to determine what’s been done, what needs to be done, when it will be done, and what it will cost? Does your team struggle to improve throughput while maintaining quality? If so, you are not alone. These are industry pain points, and most of our clients have suffered through some, if not all of these problems. So we created Visibility Workflow to solve your car sales inventory control problems!

Identify, Quantify, Automate

Visibility Workflow is a workforce management and guidance service. Our Vehicle Industry Specialists identify, quantify and automate all necessary workforce functions, simplify costs and keep inventory moving quickly and effectively.


A system of customizable virtual “gateways” integrates management, employee and service providers into a single environment. These programmable gateways allow Visibility Workflow Specialists to move your inventory through the most efficient path possible.


Our analytics suite then identifies what is working well, what could be improved, how to improve, and how your operations compare to known industry benchmarks, both in costs, turn rates and throughput.


“Autopark Honda began working with Visibility Workflow in summer of 2018. Within a couple months we significantly increased our throughput of inventory vehicles. Several months in, pre owned volume has increased significantly year over year. Front end gross profit and certified pre owned sales increased to all time highs. Our preowned time to frontline was cut by half. We are continuing to experience improvements with our workflow management by working with Visibility Workflow. I would highly recommend Visibility Workflow services to any dealer interested in increasing volume and profits.”

Mike Icenhour - General Manager, Autopark Honda
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