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Precision, Efficiency, Visibility

Complete Vehicle Recon Management

for one fixed price per car

In the dynamic world of automotive technologies, the reconditioning process is a pivotal pathway to profitability and customer satisfaction. Vis-Flow revolutionizes this process, offering a comprehensive vehicle recon management service that combines the finesse of expert handling with the precision of advanced technology. Our approach is not just about refurbishing vehicles; it’s about redefining the entire lifecycle of vehicle recon management.

Onsite Program Manager

for unmatched quality assurance

Your Vis-Flow Program Manager handles the entire recon process for your dealership. Our system integrates effortlessly with your existing operations. You don’t need to master any new software.

Auto Recon Software

for real-time tracking

Make informed decisions with accurate and real-time data at your fingertips. Vis-Flow’s transparency allows for better resource allocation and process optimization. Our software cannot be manipulated by users.

Industry-Certified Vendors

for reliable work performance

We integrate your current providers into our vendor management platform. Enhancing their efficiency and profitability. Our system is designed to complement, not replace, your existing relationships.

Services Included

in our Bundled Program

We manage and track the vehicle through the entire recon process to deliver a sale-ready car, for one fixed price. Services Included in our Bundled Program:


Tailored services that fit the unique needs of your dealership. We understand that no two dealerships are the same, and our services reflect that.

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Proven Results

Dealerships using Vis-Flow report significant improvements in turn times, cost savings, and overall customer satisfaction. You can move forward while trusting in Vis-Flow’s experience and proven history.


Our dealer management system integrates effortlessly with your existing operations, enhancing your current processes without disruption.

From Intake To Showroom

We do it for you, fast

From intake to showroom, every step is meticulously managed, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent quality. Our solution optimizes both Fixed Ops and Variable Ops, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency across all departments. We also simplify the management of We Owes, ensuring all promised reconditioning services are tracked and fulfilled efficiently.


Every vehicle is thoroughly evaluated to determine the specific reconditioning needs, including everything from dent repair, wheel repair, windshield repair, paint touchup, and paint repairs.


Our team of certified vehicle reconditioning professionals meticulously carries out the process, ensuring each vehicle meets the highest-quality standards.


We develop a tailored plan for each vehicle, considering your dealership’s unique requirements and standards. You get complete visibility into the system every step of the way.

Our People + Technology Approach

At Vis-Flow, we understand that each vehicle’s journey from acquisition to sale is unique and requires meticulous attention. Our white-glove service ensures a seamless transition at every stage, backed by our People + Technology approach.

Onsite Program Manager
for unmatched quality assurance

The heart of Vis-Flow’s innovative approach lies in our onsite Program Manager, a role that significantly differentiates us from other market options. This expert not only bridges the gap between dealership operations and lot service providers but also brings a level of expertise and dedication that transforms the dealership experience.

Our Program Managers are trained to assess each vehicle meticulously, vet and manage lot service providers expertly, and update the software with the latest information, ensuring a seamless flow of operations.

They are the primary interface with the dealer, embodying our commitment to delivering exceptional service and results. With a Program Manager on your team, you can expect a substantial boost in operational efficiency, a reduction in administrative burdens, and a notable increase in net profit. Their presence ensures that the reconditioning process aligns perfectly with the dealership’s goals, making them an invaluable asset in achieving frontline readiness with unparalleled speed and quality.

Auto Reconditioning Software
for real-time tracking

Vis-Flow’s advanced auto reconditioning software is a game-changer for dealership operations, offering seamless integration with existing dealer management systems to reduce turn time and holding costs dramatically. With our platform, you gain unparalleled visibility into every vehicle’s status, enabling efficient management of your entire inventory at the touch of a button.

This sophisticated solution not only streamlines the reconditioning process but also ensures that every vehicle is frontline-ready quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Our software stands out for its integrity; it’s designed to deliver accurate, actionable data without the possibility of being manipulated or “gamed” by users.

This means dealers can trust the process and focus on what they do best, with no new software for dealers to master and minimal steps required for integration. Vis-Flow and their onsite project manager act as the conductor, orchestrating the entire reconditioning symphony to serve the dealership’s best interests with precision and reliability.

Industry-Certified Vendors
for reliable work performance

Vis-Flow takes pride in our partnership with industry-certified vendors, ensuring that every service from interior repair to windshield repair is executed to the highest standards. Our rigorous vetting process and managed approach mean that dealerships are relieved of the hassle of managing multiple vendors, with Vis-Flow handling all aspects of vendor coordination and payment.

This streamlined vendor management system not only reduces turn time and enhances vehicle quality but also directly benefits the dealership’s bottom line by minimizing car depreciation and ensuring predictable bundled pricing.

The integrity of our system prevents any possibility of manipulation, ensuring that costs are determined upfront and remain fixed, providing transparency and trust in every transaction. With Vis-Flow managing all payments to vendors, dealerships can rest assured that their reconditioning needs are in expert hands, freeing them to focus on their core business without worrying about vendor reliability or the complexities of 1099s.

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