Unlocking Efficiency: The Hidden Source of Used Car Manager Grumpiness Revealed

Want to know why used car managers are so grumpy?


Friction = Decisions = time and distraction = slow turn times, variable costs and sub par quality of work.

Most managers who are in charge of decisions about recon are interrupted on average 9 times per used car. If you sell 100 used cars a month, you have 900 interruptions from the service advisor, detail guy, dent guy, paint guy, windshield guy, wheel guy, interior guy, photo guy, odor removal guy….. and all of their competitors that want to tell you they can do it better or cheaper.

If the manager takes the time to look at the job, approve the work and sign the invoice, that’s 2,700 (900 x 3) interactions per month to sell 100 cars. (And then imagine if they took the time to go on the lot and verify that the job was done and done with quality!)

No wonder used car sales managers are grumpy!

Taking as many decision points away from the sales managers automatically gives them time back, reduces frustrations and speeds up the process if you have good systems to execute your wishes by deciding in advance what needs to be done and in what order.

Imagine not needing to make those decisions and take all of that time out of your days. What could you do with that energy? Maybe buy more inventory, train your staff, sell more cars,……….or even make it home for dinner with the family?