Revolutionizing Efficiency: How Vis-Flow is Transforming Dealership Operations in 2024

23 texts, 16 phone calls, 8 knocks on the door

This was the number of interruptions I counted in a 90 min time frame with the Pre Owned Director of a dealership selling 150 used cars per month. The poor guy could barely complete a sentence. Most of these interruptions were questions about the status or location of a car, keys, seeking approval for recon work, or complaining about the chaos and their lack of process.

This isn’t going to work out well in 2024. The last 3 years are gone.

The automotive dealership world has changed. Dealership managers need to price cars, acquire cars and support the sales team in actually selling the cars. Vis-Flow is giving dealers the time to handle business – leave the interruptions of Reconditioning to us.