Reconditioning Reinvented

Let’s answer your questions!

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What happens to my lot service providers?

Our team will work with all of your current lot service providers and bring them into our platform. Most providers find that after a month in our system they are doing the same amount of work but spending less time at a site based on the automation and alerts, so they can be more productive and profitable.

How can I control the quality of work?

Our on-site manager works with each store to learn and mirror their reconditioning standards and executes to your standards. Since we guarantee no “we owes” – we will make sure the work is done based on the package you choose.

How much will it cost?

Each site is custom priced, as we work with your lot services providers at their current prices. We do not make money by lowering their service prices, rather we earn our margin by delivering value around turn times and giving your team back time by offloading non-core responsibilities.